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Ep. 197 - Patrick O'Keefe

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse art director Patrick O’Keefe joins us this week to discuss his experience of working on the film with tons of other incredible artists and the process of capturing that lightning in a bottle. We also dive into his background, and how he got his start in the industry, as well as some juicy Flat Earth conspiracies. Co-hosted by Olaf Blomerus.

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Ep. 145 - Jonathan Kim

Rare Volume co-founder and creative director Jonathan Kim joins us this week to share the story of starting his company, the impact his amazing, supportive wife has had on his career, and managing the the tricky territory of the work/life balance. We dig into some really big topics throughout the episode including what Jonathan hopes to achieve in his legacy, what design means to him, and what his goals are in life.

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Ep. 95 - Tuna Bora

Renowned illustrator and designer Tuna Bora joins us this week to share stories about her upbringing, how technology both helps and hinders her work process and everyday life, who some of her biggest inspirations are, and the challenges associated with being in a directorial position. 

We dig super deep into the chaos of freelancing, and the struggles of determining the right rate, getting internships and a start in the industry, and the big headache of health insurance. Toward the end, we celebrate Chipotle and learn about Andrew's experimental holiday Chipotlent.

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Ep. 94 - Levy Peterffy

Industry-leading matte painter and concept artist Levi Peterffy joins us this week to share his journey as an artist. We quickly jump in to where he’s at currently in his career, where he hopes to go, and all of the interesting projects he’s worked on along the way. We also discuss the tricky subject of time management, and the role of matte painters in the industry today.

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Ep. 93 - Ken Wong

Monument Valley lead designer Ken Wong joins us this week to discuss the current state of the video game industry and video games as an art form. We speak in depth about the process behind creating Monument Valley, and some of the challenges he and his team at UsTwo faced along the way. This eventually leads us down the rabbit hole of Ken’s creative influences, many of which are classic films.

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Adventure Time background artist GHOSTSHRIMP joins us this week to explore his journey of working remotely from the woods of Vermont.  We discuss the change of environments he’s undergone while working on adventure time in LA and his intense focus to accomplish his goals in life. Lastly we talk about what he’s up to these days with his latest passion – the GHOSTSCOUTS Training Camp.

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The three amigos return for an extra saucy 69-fueled extravaganza. BeepleGMUNK, and Albert Omoss each dive deeply into how they structure their hectic schedules, maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite sitting in a chair all day, and tons of different sources of inspiration.

Beeple also lays out how he’s been completing his Everydays for the past seven years without missing a day, and GMUNK shares some very poignant drug wisdom.

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Ep. 55 - GMUNK

The graphical grandmaster GMUNK returns to drop some more knowledge bombs, this time covering the tough topic of handling criticism and audience feedback, and we go super in-depth into the creative processes behind his music video for Tycho as well as the OFFF title sequence.

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Ep. 40 - Greg Broadmore

This week we have the incredible Greg Broadmore on to discuss his journey as an artist, starting with his humble beginnings as an illustrator for childrens books, spanning all the way to working Weta for over 10 years on projects such as Lord of the Rings, District 9, and the now defunct Halo movie.

Greg also spearheaded the design for the Weta produced Dr. Grordbort line of rayguns and has gone on to write several books set in the fictional universe.

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