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Ep. 89 - Olly Moss

Legendary designer Olly Moss joins us this week for the episode you've all been waiting for. Olly is an old friend of mine who I watched grow and achieve artistic celebrity status right before my eyes. Olly shares a ton of info about his upcoming game Firewatch, as well as reminisces on some good times we had at Prologue back in the day.

We talk a ton about the nuances of being a creative and the silly things we find ourselves attaching value to, as well as a ton of discussion about Batman and his recent involvement with the franchise. Last but certainly not least, Olly tells us all about his arch-nemesis – Olly Murs!

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Ep. 86 - Jason Brubaker

Artist and author of the reMIND and Sithrah graphic novel series Jason Brubaker joins us this week to discuss the tricky business of self-publishing and managing your time wisely. Jason has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into launching several unique IPs and ensuring their success by any means necessary. We go deep into the tricky territory of Kickstarter and Patreon, as well as the hardships of raising a family while trying to maintain a successful business.

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