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Ep. 112 - Brad Wright

Concept artist extraordinaire Brad Wright joins the show this week to discuss how he got his start in the field of art. We go in-depth into his role at Creative Assembly on Alien: Isolation and his love of the franchise. We also discuss his passion and love for Frank Herbert's Dune and how he might someday like to bring that project to life as he sees it.

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Ep. 99 - Alex Mandradjiev

Concept designer, illustrator, and music maker extraordinaire Alex Mandradjiev joins us this week to share some information about his influences, including David Fincher and John Carpenter, his thoughts on modern art education, and the power of nostalgia and originality.

When we reference the 'previous podcast,' we're talking about an earlier episode we recorded with Alex which got corrupted. 
Additionally, we opted not to use Lights Out as the banner image for this episode, even though we discuss it during the conversation. 

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Ep. 94 - Levy Peterffy

Industry-leading matte painter and concept artist Levi Peterffy joins us this week to share his journey as an artist. We quickly jump in to where he’s at currently in his career, where he hopes to go, and all of the interesting projects he’s worked on along the way. We also discuss the tricky subject of time management, and the role of matte painters in the industry today.

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Ep. 19 - Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck is a native of Wellington, New Zealand, where he is a senior conceptual artist in the workshop division of the world-acclaimed Weta.  He has worked on several big screen projects for Weta, including Avatar, District 9, and the recently released film of Elysium.  Aaron truly enjoys his craft and being able to create manifestations of robotic life forms and military weaponry.  By capitalizing on his inquisitive perception of the world and our existence, Aaron channels those unique viewpoints into his work and produces such incredibly powerful and mindblowing concepts.

Aaron and I had a truly great chat about the things we love in this life, which are highly fueled by science, cars, and films.  I want to personally thank Aaron Beck for coming on and sharing his journey with us.  Massive congratulations to all his career success and looking forward to the many great things still to come from this talented soul.

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Ep. 12 - Maciej Kuciara

Maciej Kuciara is one of the leading talents in the field of concept design.  He has worked on various feature film projects, including Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, as well as numerous major games projects, such as The Last of Us, Crysis, and Crysis 2. Coming from humble beginnings in Poland, Maciej has developed an incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft.  He shines on everything he sets his mind to and is an unstoppable force in our industry. Maciej and I have a great chat about his journey, his thoughts on today's film and concept process, and how he manages to keep himself motivated and inspired.

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Ep. 8 - Vitaly Bulgarov

Introducing the mighty Vitaly Bulgarov, who at the young age of 27, is already a true force in the concept and creative industry.  His accredited experience includes many powerful years working on best-selling games with the powerhouse studio Blizzard.

Currently, Vitaly resides in San Francisco, where he works with ILM as a concept artist for feature films. In this conversation with Vitaly, we discuss the value of sabbaticals, owning and respecting your time, manifesting your goals, and finding that balance between insanity and professional excellence.

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Ep. 7 - George Hull

This week we have the amazing George Hull on board to talk with us about his various stages in his creative career and how he has come to be the creative force he is today. We discuss his early student life, to ILM, to meeting and working with the Wachowskis on their film franchise The Matrix. We also dive into concepts of being the under dog and achieving the goals you set out for yourself and finding the true "core" within us all.

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