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Ep. 119 - Anthony Jones

Legendary concept designer and educator Anthony Jones (AKA Robotpencil) joins us for the third time this week to share a bunch of new information about his newly released book Heaven's Hell which we discussed last time he was on the show, some insights and adventures related to his worldwide Creative Juice Expo, and toward the end we reveal some exclusive tidbits about the new educational platform we're starting called Learn Squared.

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Ep. 79 - Benjamin Last

Concept artist and vehicle designer Benjamin Last joins us this week to share his continent-spanning career in the automotive industry, working with massive companies such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC to name a few. We have a good back and forth about his processes for approaching different tasks, the age-old argument of 2D vs 3D, and where his allegiance lies.

In working around the world, Benjamin has had a ton of amazing experiences, in all kinds of different cultures and countries – many of which he shares over the course of our discussion.

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Ep. 29 - James Zapata

Our guest this week is the talented concept artist, James Zapata.  James is a self-taught illustrator and concept artist, who has produced projects for Applibot and Wizards of the Coast.

Every artist has their own path and struggles, and James discusses his personal choices and decisions that helped guide him along his career path.  James is a great example of how to push through and learn from both sides of the creative spectrum.  We also discuss his future goals and endeavors a bit, as there are many more triumphs ahead for James.

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Ep. 24 - Anthony Jones

This week's podcast brings the opportunity to chat with Anthony Jones, an amazingly talented concept artist among the entertainment industry.  Anthony has worked on many levels of this industry from movies, toys, commercials, and video games.  Most recently, he began the process of creating his own collector's edition book, titled "Heaven's Hell", which will be released in the near future.

In this episode, Anthony and I discuss his personal perspective on our industry, recommendations on how to sustain a successful freelance career, and the journey of launching a book of his collective work thanks to funding by Kickstarter.

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