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Ep. 192 - Ryan Cashman

Creative technologist? CGI artist? Designer? Wizard? Jack-of-all-trades Ryan Cashman joins us this week to discuss all of the various roles he finds himself filling in the industry, reminiscing about past projects we’ve worked on together, how becoming a dad has changed his perspective on the work/life balance, and what he’s looking forward to in the future.

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Ep. 168 - Cornelius Dämmrich

CGI master blaster Cornelius Dämmrich joins us this week to discuss the many oddities we face today as artists, and the challenges we encounter when building work that we are proud of. Cornelius exposes some of the lessons he’s learned over the years, how he manages his personal happiness when working on projects which take months on end, and the future of where this is all going.

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Ep. 121 - Una

Kelly Thompson and Andrew Archer of Melbourne-based design studio UNA join us this week to share the story of how and why they decided to start their new company, the incredible power of combining their different skillsets, and a peek into what they have in store for their so-called UNAverse.

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Ep. 117 - Jessica Svendsen

Graphic designer Jessica Svendsen joins us this week to discuss the nuances she encounters while discovering her own personal design and voice. We discuss the oddities that occur from subjective viewpoints in art and design and how important it is to understand and develop your core fundamentals to guide your taste.

This episode is sponsored by MAXON, the creators of Cinema 4D, who are currently offering a free demo for North and South American users at

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