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Ep. 135 - Kirill Chepizhko

Hardsurface modeler Kirill Chepizhko joins us this week to share the story of how he came to America, how he got his start in the industry as a concept designer, and how he worked his way up to a dream job at Industrial Light and Magic.

We dig deep into his process, how Kirill uses 3D software to deconstruct the world around him, and his new fascination with virtual reality.

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Ep. 94 - Levy Peterffy

Industry-leading matte painter and concept artist Levi Peterffy joins us this week to share his journey as an artist. We quickly jump in to where he’s at currently in his career, where he hopes to go, and all of the interesting projects he’s worked on along the way. We also discuss the tricky subject of time management, and the role of matte painters in the industry today.

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Ep. 4 - Dan LuVisi

This week we have the amazing Dan LuVisi - another self taught artist whose passion for drawing since 4 years old has brought him to where he is today, nevermind the adversity and the tough battles life threw his way, he came out clean on the other side. The outcome? The publishing of his first book "LMS" and a deal with Paramount for a feature film. Hear what he has to say about his childhood, learning the craft, and drive to succeed.

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