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Ep. 161 - Suzanne Wang

Ceramic artist Suzanne Wang joins us this week to tell us all about her year-long apprenticeship under a master artist in Japan. After giving her craft full focus and dedication, she now has time to share how her journey went, what she learned along the way, and where she plans to take the lessons learned moving forward.

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Ep. 130 - David OReilly

Director Saman Kesh returns to talk about his incredible new short film, HIT TV, which premiered this past week and has already been selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, making it Saman's 15th. Throughout the episode, we discuss our directorial processes, how they differ, and why it doesn't matter as long as you're passionate about it. Lots of nostalgia, who inspires us, and what we miss about their early works.

Shoutout to Baptiste for helping out with this week's notes!

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Ep. 114 - Jama Jurabaev

London-based matte painter Jama Jurabaev joins us this week to tell us some backstory about his heritage and how he got his start in the industry, his experiences at school, working super long hours, and pushing the limits to achieve his goals. We also go deeply into the types of software and processes he uses to create the stunning work he puts out regularly.

This episode is sponsored by MAXON, who will be livestreaming from Siggraph 2015 Los Angeles at

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The three amigos return for an extra saucy 69-fueled extravaganza. BeepleGMUNK, and Albert Omoss each dive deeply into how they structure their hectic schedules, maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite sitting in a chair all day, and tons of different sources of inspiration.

Beeple also lays out how he’s been completing his Everydays for the past seven years without missing a day, and GMUNK shares some very poignant drug wisdom.

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Ep. 40 - Greg Broadmore

This week we have the incredible Greg Broadmore on to discuss his journey as an artist, starting with his humble beginnings as an illustrator for childrens books, spanning all the way to working Weta for over 10 years on projects such as Lord of the Rings, District 9, and the now defunct Halo movie.

Greg also spearheaded the design for the Weta produced Dr. Grordbort line of rayguns and has gone on to write several books set in the fictional universe.

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Ep. 17 - Mike Yakovlev

In previous podcasts, I have had the opportunity to speak with industry professionals about their career journey, experiences and struggles, and how they were able to achieve their current position in life.  
However, about a month ago, Mike Yakovlev, an avid listener and student from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, reached out to me and enthusiastically proposed something a bit different.  He asked if I could focus my next conversation around the curious mind of an art student and possibly offer guidance on how to navigate through our industry from a student's perspective.  So that's exactly what I did!  
In this exclusive one-time breakout episode, we exchange common ideas and issues with personal development, reaching goals, and how to find your creative purpose.

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