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Ep. 145 - Jonathan Kim

Rare Volume co-founder and creative director Jonathan Kim joins us this week to share the story of starting his company, the impact his amazing, supportive wife has had on his career, and managing the the tricky territory of the work/life balance. We dig into some really big topics throughout the episode including what Jonathan hopes to achieve in his legacy, what design means to him, and what his goals are in life.

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Ep. 133 - Richard Taylor

We're finally back from our hiatus, joined by one of our most sought-after guests - Sir Richard Taylor - the founder, creative director, and head of New Zealand's legendary Weta Workshop.
Join us as we go in depth on Richard's backstory, how he started the Workshop, and where he hopes to take it in the future. We cover everything from Richard's professional aspirations, how he cultivates creativity in his talented team, and how he manages a hectic schedule while maintaining strong personal relationships.
Seeing as Richard has worked on some of the most iconic projects in the history of entertainment, it's quite a treat for us to have had this opportunity, so we really hope you enjoy his insight as much as we did!

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Ep. 67 - Patrick Clair

A few weeks ago, creative director Patrick Clair won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design for his work on HBO’s True Detective. This week he spends nearly 2 hours with us, covering a ton of different topics ranging from his heroes and inspirations, the beginnings of his career, and his goals beyond title design.

Patrick generously shares a ton of background stories and behind-the-scenes info about creating the True Detective and Halt and Catch Firetitle sequences, which have received industry-wide recognition for their incredible design. If you're a fan of either of those great sequences, you're in for a very big treat!

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Ep. 15 - Justin Ishmael

Justin Ishmael has experienced many different artistic paths throughout his life, and his most recent journey led him to the current role of creative director for Mondo, a family company of Alamo Drafthouse. Justin's passion and desire to connect the fine art world with film franchises has helped catapult Mondo to become a leading company for high-level, collectible art.

Among one of an array of fascinating topics, Justin and I chat a bit about Mondo's massive transformation from small beginnings and its significant impact on collectors, artists, collaborators, and the film culture overall.

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