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Ep. 115 - Mike Yamada

Legendary illustrator and art director Mike Yamada tells us about his education at Art Center and the decade he spent working with Dreamworks. Mike also shares his love for creative passion, some insight to the process and tools he uses, as well as some of his favorite books. We also discuss his experiences going to Comic-Con and a bit about his odd work/life balance.

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Ep. 106 - Alexandria Neonakis

Naughty Dog UI designer and illustrator Alexandria Neonakis joins us this week to share some stories about working on The Last of Us, her experiences in getting a visa to work in the United States, and the influence nostalgia has on her work.

There’s also a ton of pop culture talk in this episode, including some of our favorite films and games. And thanks John Sweeney for the Godfather shoutout!

** Up spoilers around 1:27:00 **
** Interstellar spoilers around 2:00:00 **
** Lost spoilers around 2:13:00 **
** Black Mirror spoilers around 2:19:00 **

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Ep. 95 - Tuna Bora

Renowned illustrator and designer Tuna Bora joins us this week to share stories about her upbringing, how technology both helps and hinders her work process and everyday life, who some of her biggest inspirations are, and the challenges associated with being in a directorial position. 

We dig super deep into the chaos of freelancing, and the struggles of determining the right rate, getting internships and a start in the industry, and the big headache of health insurance. Toward the end, we celebrate Chipotle and learn about Andrew's experimental holiday Chipotlent.

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Ep. 86 - Jason Brubaker

Artist and author of the reMIND and Sithrah graphic novel series Jason Brubaker joins us this week to discuss the tricky business of self-publishing and managing your time wisely. Jason has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into launching several unique IPs and ensuring their success by any means necessary. We go deep into the tricky territory of Kickstarter and Patreon, as well as the hardships of raising a family while trying to maintain a successful business.

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Ep. 81 - Natalie Hall

Illustrator and tattoo artist Natalie Hall joins us this week to share her adventures as a tattoo apprentice, a ton of crazy stories from her academic career, and Comic-Con. Natalie also gives some really great insight as to what kind of artists, music, and films inspire her, as well as what her creative process is like. Toward the end, you might even learn the origin of Nickelback’s band name!

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Ep. 80 - Andrew Domachowski

Character artist and illustrator Andrew Domachowski joins us for one of our longest episodes ever, sharing many of his experiences in managing his time, experimenting with psychedelics, and where his current projects are taking him.

Later in the episode we dig super deep, discussing a wide array of topics like health, fitness, the future of humanity, and what the concept of death means to us.

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Ep. 18 - Kevin Tong

Kevin Tong is an ambitious freelance illustrator who I've had the pleasure to know for quite some time. In the early stages of his career, he began working on packaging and art direction for toy companies, and now works on his own commission projects. Kevin also creates spectacular limited prints for high profile films, which have been distributed through Mondo.

In this episode, Kevin & I have an open chat about how to keep the things you love in life balanced, how to establish yourself as an artist, and how to keep your creative flow ongoing.

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