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Ep. 116 - Ben Lukas Boysen

Berlin-based composer Ben Lukas Boysen, otherwise known as HECQ, joins us this week to tell us about his musical influences, the struggles of finding new music in the Internet-age, and how German culture has affected his work.

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Ep. 111 - Disasterpeace

Fez and It Follows composer Rich Vreeland, (AKA Disasterpeace) joins us this week to tell the story of how he broke into the music industry, some insight to the business side of making music, the importance of inspiration and collaboration, and where things are headed for him in the future.

This episode is brought to you by Blend,  a two-day design and animation festival in Vancouver on October 16 & 17.

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Ep. 99 - Alex Mandradjiev

Concept designer, illustrator, and music maker extraordinaire Alex Mandradjiev joins us this week to share some information about his influences, including David Fincher and John Carpenter, his thoughts on modern art education, and the power of nostalgia and originality.

When we reference the 'previous podcast,' we're talking about an earlier episode we recorded with Alex which got corrupted. 
Additionally, we opted not to use Lights Out as the banner image for this episode, even though we discuss it during the conversation. 

This episode is brought to you by Maxon


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