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Ep. 99 - Alex Mandradjiev

Concept designer, illustrator, and music maker extraordinaire Alex Mandradjiev joins us this week to share some information about his influences, including David Fincher and John Carpenter, his thoughts on modern art education, and the power of nostalgia and originality.

When we reference the 'previous podcast,' we're talking about an earlier episode we recorded with Alex which got corrupted. 
Additionally, we opted not to use Lights Out as the banner image for this episode, even though we discuss it during the conversation. 

This episode is brought to you by Maxon


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Ep. 97 - Adi Shankar

Adi Shankar, the mastermind producer of films such as DreddThe Grey, and Killing Them Softly joins us this week to talk about his early start in the industry, the complicated business of financing a film, handling peer pressure and the importance of being your authentic self.

Adi also shares a lot of wonderful details about his Bootleg Universe, which independently recently released a very R-rated POWER/RANGERS reboot, as well as a Punisher short starring Thomas Jane, and a Dredd cartoon series.

This episode is brought to you by Maxon, who will be hosting a great booth at this year's NAB Conference in Las Vegas from April 13 - 16. Check out all of the presentations, participate in a live chat, sign up for raffles, and more at

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Ep. 96 - Noah Bradley

Legendary artist Noah Bradley joins us this week to discuss how he maximizes his productivity, the folly of modern-day art school, and shares some alternatives to learning, including some of his wonderful workshops and courses.

Plenty of wonderful tangents in this episode including the importance of exercising and being physically active, spirituality and how it influences Noah’s work, and the importance of giving back to the community.

This episode is brought to you by Maxon, who will be hosting a great booth at this year's NAB Conference in Las Vegas from April 13 - 16. Check out all of the presentations, participate in a live chat, sign up for raffles, and more at

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Ep. 93 - Ken Wong

Monument Valley lead designer Ken Wong joins us this week to discuss the current state of the video game industry and video games as an art form. We speak in depth about the process behind creating Monument Valley, and some of the challenges he and his team at UsTwo faced along the way. This eventually leads us down the rabbit hole of Ken’s creative influences, many of which are classic films.

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Adventure Time background artist GHOSTSHRIMP joins us this week to explore his journey of working remotely from the woods of Vermont.  We discuss the change of environments he’s undergone while working on adventure time in LA and his intense focus to accomplish his goals in life. Lastly we talk about what he’s up to these days with his latest passion – the GHOSTSCOUTS Training Camp.

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Ep. 89 - Olly Moss

Legendary designer Olly Moss joins us this week for the episode you've all been waiting for. Olly is an old friend of mine who I watched grow and achieve artistic celebrity status right before my eyes. Olly shares a ton of info about his upcoming game Firewatch, as well as reminisces on some good times we had at Prologue back in the day.

We talk a ton about the nuances of being a creative and the silly things we find ourselves attaching value to, as well as a ton of discussion about Batman and his recent involvement with the franchise. Last but certainly not least, Olly tells us all about his arch-nemesis – Olly Murs!

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Ep. 55 - GMUNK

The graphical grandmaster GMUNK returns to drop some more knowledge bombs, this time covering the tough topic of handling criticism and audience feedback, and we go super in-depth into the creative processes behind his music video for Tycho as well as the OFFF title sequence.

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Ep. 16 - Jayse Hansen

During his childhood, Jayse Hansen became a super fanatic for Sci-Fi and cartoons, and this insatiable curiosity forged a path that naturally led him to the world of art and design.  Jayse now manages to work from his home office in Las Vegas, and has a powerful portfolio of work from some of the top blockbuster films, like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Ender's Game, The Avengers, and Iron Man.

Jayse's ability to stay focused and create amazing visuals in our somewhat chaotic workdays of multiple deadlines & projects, and all while building and maintaining positive long-lasting networks, is truly commendable.

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Ep. 14 - Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson has an amazing amount of career experience that spans more than two decades. He has taught at the prestigious Art Center for many years with a customized curriculum designed around his own creations and creative path. Scott also owns and manages Design Studio Press, which distributes a multitude of great books featuring the works and creative journey of talented artists. He thrives on trying new things and pushing his abilities to maximum levels, but regardless of how busy he gets, Scott still dedicates time to help his students and friends.

Scott Robertson is a prime example of how to successfully keep your life filled with passion and challenges. It's a great honor to have him on this podcast, and I extend a massive amount of gratitude to Scott for taking time to have this chat.

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Ep. 7 - George Hull

This week we have the amazing George Hull on board to talk with us about his various stages in his creative career and how he has come to be the creative force he is today. We discuss his early student life, to ILM, to meeting and working with the Wachowskis on their film franchise The Matrix. We also dive into concepts of being the under dog and achieving the goals you set out for yourself and finding the true "core" within us all.

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