Ep. 135 - Kirill Chepizhko

Ep. 135 - Kirill Chepizhko - Full.png

Episode 135  —  Kirill Chepizhko

August 29, 2016  —  1 hour, 41 mins

Hardsurface modeler Kirill Chepizhko joins us this week to share the story of how he came to America, how he got his start in the industry as a concept designer, and how he worked his way up to a dream job at Industrial Light and Magic.

We dig deep into his process, how Kirill uses 3D software to deconstruct the world around him, and his new fascination with virtual reality.

You could give me a pile of bricks and say ‘make a house,’ but just because I’ve got the bricks doesn’t mean I’m going to build a good house.
— Shynola