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Ep. 29 - James Zapata

Our guest this week is the talented concept artist, James Zapata.  James is a self-taught illustrator and concept artist, who has produced projects for Applibot and Wizards of the Coast.

Every artist has their own path and struggles, and James discusses his personal choices and decisions that helped guide him along his career path.  James is a great example of how to push through and learn from both sides of the creative spectrum.  We also discuss his future goals and endeavors a bit, as there are many more triumphs ahead for James.

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Ep. 24 - Anthony Jones

This week's podcast brings the opportunity to chat with Anthony Jones, an amazingly talented concept artist among the entertainment industry.  Anthony has worked on many levels of this industry from movies, toys, commercials, and video games.  Most recently, he began the process of creating his own collector's edition book, titled "Heaven's Hell", which will be released in the near future.

In this episode, Anthony and I discuss his personal perspective on our industry, recommendations on how to sustain a successful freelance career, and the journey of launching a book of his collective work thanks to funding by Kickstarter.

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Ep. 22 - David Levy

David Levy, aka Vyle Art, has nearly 15 plus years of industry experience working on multiple large title films and video games as a leading international concept artist. David originally began his studies in industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands. Since then, David has used his masterful skills to contribute to such game projects as Prince of Persia 3 and Assassin's Creed, while also working on films like Tron Legacy, The Thing, Prometheus, and Ender's Game. 
Building his career in various stages, David has taken many risks and continuously pushed himself to get the most out of himself and his work.  With big risks, comes big rewards.

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Ep. 19 - Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck is a native of Wellington, New Zealand, where he is a senior conceptual artist in the workshop division of the world-acclaimed Weta.  He has worked on several big screen projects for Weta, including Avatar, District 9, and the recently released film of Elysium.  Aaron truly enjoys his craft and being able to create manifestations of robotic life forms and military weaponry.  By capitalizing on his inquisitive perception of the world and our existence, Aaron channels those unique viewpoints into his work and produces such incredibly powerful and mindblowing concepts.

Aaron and I had a truly great chat about the things we love in this life, which are highly fueled by science, cars, and films.  I want to personally thank Aaron Beck for coming on and sharing his journey with us.  Massive congratulations to all his career success and looking forward to the many great things still to come from this talented soul.

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Ep. 12 - Maciej Kuciara

Maciej Kuciara is one of the leading talents in the field of concept design.  He has worked on various feature film projects, including Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, as well as numerous major games projects, such as The Last of Us, Crysis, and Crysis 2. Coming from humble beginnings in Poland, Maciej has developed an incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft.  He shines on everything he sets his mind to and is an unstoppable force in our industry. Maciej and I have a great chat about his journey, his thoughts on today's film and concept process, and how he manages to keep himself motivated and inspired.

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Ep. 8 - Vitaly Bulgarov

Introducing the mighty Vitaly Bulgarov, who at the young age of 27, is already a true force in the concept and creative industry.  His accredited experience includes many powerful years working on best-selling games with the powerhouse studio Blizzard.

Currently, Vitaly resides in San Francisco, where he works with ILM as a concept artist for feature films. In this conversation with Vitaly, we discuss the value of sabbaticals, owning and respecting your time, manifesting your goals, and finding that balance between insanity and professional excellence.

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