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Ep. 121 - Una

Kelly Thompson and Andrew Archer of Melbourne-based design studio UNA join us this week to share the story of how and why they decided to start their new company, the incredible power of combining their different skillsets, and a peek into what they have in store for their so-called UNAverse.

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Ep. 102 - Karin Fong

Imaginary Forces co-founder, creative partner at Wonderland Sound and Vision, and world-renowned creative director Karin Fong joins us this week to discuss the tricky topic of finding your creative calling, some of her experiences becoming a mother and raising children, and some wonderful stories about the founding of the legendary design studio Imaginary Forces.

Later in the episode, Karin exclusively reveals some exciting new information regarding a new Motion Design category for The Emmy Awards. To find out more information, follow the link in the show notes below.

** Grand Theft Auto spoilers around 1h 40m **

Our thanks to Lola Landekic of Art of the Title for her help with facilitating this interview.

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