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Ep. 131 - Saman Kesh

Director Saman Kesh returns to talk about his incredible new short film, HIT TV, which premiered this past week and has already been selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, making it Saman's 15th. Throughout the episode, we discuss our directorial processes, how they differ, and why it doesn't matter as long as you're passionate about it. Lots of nostalgia, who inspires us, and what we miss about their early works.

Shoutout to Baptiste for helping out with this week's notes!

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Ep. 75 - Michael Arias

Tekkonkinkreet director Michael Arias joins us to share a few of his many film, anime, and manga influences, what it’s like living and working in Japan as a part of the Asian film industry, and a few tidbits about working with the Wachowskis to produce The Animatrix and collaborating with James Cameron on The Abyss.

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