Ep. 85 - Johnny Hardstaff

Episode 85  —  Johnny Hardstaff

January 19, 2015  —  1 hour, 31 mins

Award-winning director Johnny Hardstaff, the mastermind behind the Prometheus viral spot DAVID, joins us this week to tell us about all of the twists and turns he’s faced in his career, what it’s like working closely with Ridley Scott, and the profound influence commercials are capable of having.

Johnny also shares many of his opinions on some of his favorite films, what artists and pieces have influenced him, and some thoughts about where the future might take him, including some exciting rumors about directing Blade Runner 2!

It doesn’t matter if you work in graphic design, or advertising, or movies, or whatever – they’re all so interlinked now and the opportunities within all of them are remarkable. You can make a 30-second vision if you want and there is nothing to stop you, except your own selection process. What are you going to do? Are you going to do that? Or are you just going to make some sort of rubbish? And ironically, you get paid the same for either.
— Johnny Hardstaff