Ep. 82 - VFX Soldier

Episode 82 — VFX Soldier

December 22, 2014  —  1 hour, 46 min

Notorious blogger and rights activist VFX Soldier (AKA Daniel Lay) joins us this week for an intense industry-based discussion. Over the course of our conversation, we discuss how chaotic and broken the visual effects industry has become over the past few years.

Daniel gives a great breakdown of the issues being faced all across the world, and proposes a few great, worthwhile solutions. We also speak a bit about the tricky situation of rates, and breaking into the industry as a student while retaining the respect and integrity you deserve.

It used to be in this industry like ‘who won the biggest award?’ Or ‘who worked on the best project? Who won the Oscar?’ Now these days the conversation in the visual effects industry is ‘Who got out?’
— VFX Soldier