Ep. 27 - Scott Ross

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Episode 27  —  Scott Ross

November 26, 2013  —  1 hour, 13 mins

Our guest this week is Scott Ross. Scott grew up in the Bronx NYC, where he came from humble beginnings. He decided that being a musician didn't help pay the bills, and so Scott found himself a new venture in the business of making movies. He progressed his way up through the ranks and became the Executive CEO of George Lucas' company, Industrial Light and Magic, and then Senior Vice President of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

He later forged his own path in the industry by creating the world renowned visual effects house, Digital Domain, which had large impact on films such as Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2012, Transformers, Titanic, Apollo 13, among many other notable films.

Scott's career has seen many rewards and challenges, but through all these transitions, Scott has consistently based his choice in selecting the paths that would allow him to follow his dreams.

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