Episode 67  —  Patrick Clair

September 8, 2014  —  1 hour, 44 mins

A few weeks ago, creative director Patrick Clair won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design for his work on HBO’s True Detective. This week he spends nearly 2 hours with us, covering a ton of different topics ranging from his heroes and inspirations, the beginnings of his career, and his goals beyond title design.

Patrick generously shares a ton of background stories and behind-the-scenes info about creating the True Detective and Halt and Catch Fire title sequences, which have received industry-wide recognition for their incredible design. If you're a fan of either of those great sequences, you're in for a very big treat!

Valuing people’s time is so important. If you value their time, they tend to give you their full creative potential, and that’s when you get results that are really exciting.
— Patrick Clair