Episode 89  —  Olly Moss

February 16, 2015  —  3 hours, 4 mins

Legendary designer Olly Moss joins us this week for the episode you've all been waiting for. Olly is an old friend of mine who I watched grow and achieve artistic celebrity status right before my eyes. Olly shares a ton of info about his upcoming game Firewatch, as well as reminisces on some good times we had at Prologue back in the day.

We talk a ton about the nuances of being a creative and the silly things we find ourselves attaching value to, as well as a ton of discussion about Batman and his recent involvement with the franchise. Last but certainly not least, Olly tells us all about his arch-nemesis – Olly Murs!

*! Shawshank Redemption spoilers at 2h55m45s !*

Nothing good comes from sugar coating.
— Olly Moss