Episode 103  —  Jon McKellan

May 25, 2015  —  1 hour, 41 mins

BAFTA-winning game designer and UI artist for Alien: Isolation Jon McKellan joins us this week to discuss his process for treading the work/life balance, the fleeting nature of life, and his adventures as a teacher.

Jon also shares a ton of excellent insight to his contributions to Alien: Isolation, including the differences in building UI vs UX, challenges he faced along the way, and his persistence to overcome them.

It’s not the amount of money you could make from a project, it’s the time you’re going to spend on it, and how productive the use of that time is for you personally – what you’re going to get from that when you think about that in the context of your entire life. What’s it going to mean to you?
— Jon McKellan