Episode 86  —  Jason Brubaker

January 25, 2015  —  1 hour, 44 mins

Artist and author of the reMIND and Sithrah graphic novel series Jason Brubaker joins us this week to discuss the tricky business of self-publishing and managing your time wisely. Jason has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into launching several unique IPs and ensuring their success by any means necessary. We go deep into the tricky territory of Kickstarter and Patreon, as well as the hardships of raising a family while trying to maintain a successful business.

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A lot of young people ask me ‘What should I do to get into art?’ And I’m just like do a personal project. That is what has changed my career over and over and over again … If I would have focused on what I think other people want from me, then I would always be chasing that.
— Jason Brubaker