Episode 9  —  Jake Sargeant  –  Part 1

July 15, 2013  —  1 hour, 51 mins

This week, we have the kind and multi-talented Jake Sargeant.  He shares his career path experiences thus far and working on powerhouse projects like Terminator Salvation, Tron Legacy, and Nike commercials.

We also discuss the infinite complexities of the freelance lifestyle, balancing work and personal life, and lessons learned along our creative journey.

Episode 20  —  Jake Sargeant  –  Part 2

October 7, 2013  —  1 hour, 34 mins

This episode is the much anticipated 'Round 2' of my conversations with Jake Sargeant, where we focus our talks around the freelance lifestyle.  In this follow-up, we provide a more in-depth discussion about how to break down some of the vital elements to keeping your work/life balance healthy, supporting our creative community, and quite a few other helpful suggestions that we didn't get a chance to discuss in the last chat.