Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo

By Chris McDonnell

As many of you know, I have a large collection of 'art-of' booksand Chris McDonnell's The Art of Ooo really stands out. Each page is packed to the brim with amazing illustrations and information behind the scenes with honest creative insight that makes each of the 350 pages priceless.  As an author for the animation blog Cartoon Brew, I feel as though Chris McDonnell was the perfect person to pen this fantastic book – you can tell in each passage that he is a huge fan of the show and eagerly wants to share what goes into making the show.  There are so many priceless comments about the creative process while making the art for Adventure Time.  It's a thoroughly detailed walkthrough on how Cartoon Network creates their work and manages the complexities of world building.

I am obviously a big fan of Adventure Time and each page is like opening a treasure chest of insider information. I love the transparency and honesty that all of the contributing artists share in the book. I can confidently say that The Art of Ooo is one of my Top 10 books in my entire collection. BIG thank you to the entire hardworking crew on Adventure Time and Chris McDonnell for putting this amazing book together.

If you are a fan of Adventure Time, or even a fan of art or animation, and you don’t have this book on your shelf, you are missing out.  It's truly a gem.