Episode 26  —  Alex Preston

November 18, 2013  —  1 hour, 51 mins

Our guest this week is Alex Preston.  Alex was born in Hawaii and grew up in Ventura County, acquiring his education at Otis College in southern California.  After graduation, he worked at various production and design studios as a freelance creative.  He now lives in Los Angeles, where he is hard at work crafting his own creations for your personal enjoyment.

Most recently, Alex's venture success on Kickstarter has allowed him to live out his dream of creating his own video game called "Hyper Light Drifter," which is a 2D Action RPG that combines all the best of the 8-16 bit classics, while utilizing the modernized technology and designs from today. In this podcast, we jump right into Alex's path and personal take on the things he loves, where his source of inspiration comes from, and his exciting accomplishment of being able to make his very own video game.