Episode 19  —  Aaron Beck

September 30, 2013  —  3 hours, 56 mins

Aaron Beck is a native of Wellington, New Zealand, where he is a senior conceptual artist in the workshop division of the world-acclaimed Weta.  He has worked on several big screen projects for Weta, including Avatar, District 9, and the recently released film of Elysium.  Aaron truly enjoys his craft and being able to create manifestations of robotic life forms and military weaponry.  By capitalizing on his inquisitive perception of the world and our existence, Aaron channels those unique viewpoints into his work and produces such incredibly powerful and mindblowing concepts.

Aaron and I had a truly great chat about the things we love in this life, which are highly fueled by science, cars, and films.  I want to personally thank Aaron Beck for coming on and sharing his journey with us.  Massive congratulations to all his career success and looking forward to the many great things still to come from this talented soul.