Ep. 150 - Jim Geduldick

Cinematographer and VFX artist Jim Geduldick joins us this week to discuss the passion of his craft, as we explore his origins in skateboarding and how that naturally evolved into his film career. We get a bit meta, digging deep into things which envelop most creatives such as time management, focus, purpose, and most importantly - how and why we do the things we do.

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Ep. 145 - Jonathan Kim

Rare Volume co-founder and creative director Jonathan Kim joins us this week to share the story of starting his company, the impact his amazing, supportive wife has had on his career, and managing the the tricky territory of the work/life balance. We dig into some really big topics throughout the episode including what Jonathan hopes to achieve in his legacy, what design means to him, and what his goals are in life.

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Ep. 77 - Daniel H. Wilson

My longtime friend Jon Wayshak joins us this week to discuss his career as a comic artist and illustrator, his influences and how he got his start in the industry, and distinguishing a unique style, which sometimes requires pulling influence from different mediums such as music and film. Also, comics. A lot about comics.

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Ep. 139 - Mike Hill

This week's episode is a live recording from Industry Workshops event held in London this past August. We're joined by video game and film concept designer Mike Hill, where we discuss the organic chemistry which goes into interpreting his favorite films, the rigorous process he goes through for creating his functional concept designs, and the psychology and careful consideration behind creating a powerful work of art.

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Ep. 136 - Nidia Dias

Art Director Nidia Dias joins us this week to discuss her origins from Portugal, her undying passion for doing personal projects, and the inspiration derived from working with other artists.

We also get into her fascination with album artwork and movie posters, how much of a workaholic she is, and try to figure out what's going on with all of the shoe porn in the motion graphics industry.

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