Episode 106  —  Alexandria Neonakis

June 15, 2015  —  2 hours, 24 mins

Naughty Dog UI designer and illustrator Alexandria Neonakis joins us this week to share some stories about working on The Last of Us, her experiences in getting a visa to work in the United States, and the influence nostalgia has on her work.

There’s also a ton of pop culture talk in this episode, including some of our favorite films and games. And thanks John Sweeney for the Godfather shoutout!

** Up spoilers around 1:27:00 **
** Interstellar spoilers around 2:00:00 **
** Lost spoilers around 2:13:00 **
** Black Mirror spoilers around 2:19:00 **

Some things work for some people – our brains are all so different, based on so many factors, that what works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everybody. I got really caught up in seeing other people’s rough sketches that looked so much better than mine, and it wasn’t until I just let that go that I accepted: ‘I’m different.’
— Alexandria Neonakis